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2024 BAYCO Job Fair

BAYCO recently hosted a highly successful job fair at Cupertino High School, which drew a significant turnout of over 500 students and featured participation from more than 20 businesses. The three-hour event provided an engaging platform for students to engage directly with representatives from diverse industries, offering students the opportunity to explore potential career paths and establish connections with employers offering both volunteering and paid jobs for high schoolers. Examples of employers included Tesla, Great America, and more.

In conjunction with the Job Fair, BAYCO held a Resume Review Workshop, where professionals provided personalized resume suggestions to students. Through one-on-one sessions, students received expert guidance on formatting, content, and highlighting their skills and accomplishments effectively. This hands-on approach not only improved the quality of students' resumes but also equipped them with essential tools and insights for navigating the competitive job market with confidence.

The Job Fair and Resume Review Workshop events not only provided valuable resources and opportunities for students to advance their career aspirations but also strengthened ties between the school, local businesses, and the broader community. We’re grateful for the support we received from the district, from the space to host the event at Cupertino High School to the funding to run the BAYCO program. 

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